Saturday, November 1, 2014


So what drives passion, or is it the root that drives everything else? Passion includes enthusiasm and a strong drive toward something. 

Passion seems to arise from the unconscious mind, but it also appears to seeded from rational mind. It is from the same general part of the mind that drives emotions, yet not exactly. It is passion that utilizes the conscious mind as a tool, but does not control it. The conscious mind is therefore a slave to the passion, but with a lot of room for skunkworks. So what does this have to do with food/eating/overeating? That is a good question. Diet can change from a diet that I was able to loose 5 kg/month on for more than a year, to driven craving to eat at an extreme rate overnight. This has all the hallmarks of a change in passions without any intent to change those passions.

Passion may the root of motivation, of desire, and hence the reason we do what we do. It seems that desire is founded on passion. William B Irving has done a nice book On Desire, so what about Passion?

GW Shaw     "insists that there are passions far more exciting than the physical ones...'intellectual passion, mathematical passion, passion for discovery and exploration: the mightiest of all passions'."

I did quite liked exploring what no human had ever seen before, the subsoil on particular sites. It gave a sense of discovery to provide information to build foundations of buildings on.

Exploring the food problem has given me a sense of the state of disrepair, of ignorance, of assumption, of the dietary industry. They seem to know to much to help the individual with overeating issues. Each one holding that only they know how to recover, as the world get fatter. They collectively have only parts of the solution; it is my opinion that even the combined knowledge, although it could help many could not help all.

There is a missing component, the desire to recover, the passion to recover, the motivation to recover. Some talk about it in passing, but I have not found any that get down into the trenches, but leave that up to the individual. There is no school that studies passion, desire, motivation, the drive to volition, that I have yet found. That must be the next pursuit.     

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