Friday, November 21, 2014

The skeptic stoic

It is all empty and meaningless and the universe has absolute no purpose. We are at a time of great personal danger form the world. The universe has no purpose, and we individuals are insignificant. But we organic identities have a purpose; to reproduce to overpopulation and then die off to half the population. That is where we are headed. China with there one child policy may be have the right idea.   

Culture and the governance of the food industry is corrupt, and are headed in the wrong direction. We are on our own, but many of us now see the danger in sugar, grains, O6 oils, processed foods, and wrong medical advice. It is money driven advice. Watch Sharma words and do the opposite of some of his advice. Use him and a counter mentor, see what he does and avoid doing that.

Now that we know that it is all empty and meaningless, and the at the universe has no purpose, we are free to create one, any purpose to get us out of bed. On the other hand, we are free to stay in bed, if we are willing to accept whatever that lifestyle brings.

I can say that what the purpose is is irrelevant to most but ourselves. There may be dependents that care, and few that are interested, but our purpose does not impact them. It does not matter anyway, the universe has no purpose and the individual is insignificant, just an ant in the big picture, or the view from above.

Now we can paint on a purpose, since the purpose may be meaningless anyway. Obesity is a chain problem, a circular problem, and a complex problem. It has elements of physical, psychological, philosophical and spiritual. We need to understand ourselves to understand this problem. Now there is a field of  confusion. We are walking habits at the core, or maybe not the core, it may just be a another layer or dimension of us. Habit drives much. Habit is not rational. That is why diet alone is not sufficient for some of us, we are bundles of habit.

We must not satisfy desires, but rather eliminate desire, squash desires. But what do I know?


  1. "Bundles of habit" = a better description than the way I felt a few yrs ago: "a sorrowful shell of domestic duty"

    I keep coming back & re-reading this profound post but am not able to come up w/any profound commentary, other than the fact this strikes a chord w/me...

  2. "bundles of habit." Maybe ...but perhaps just sometimes it feels good to undo the bundle of habit and try something different ?

    Just a thought

    All the best Jan


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