Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is Overeating Just a Habit?

This is a troubling question. If none of the other seven groups( ) of causes apply, is overeating just a habit?

Now how do we separate out habit from all the other causes? It is in the attitude just before overeating occurs, perhaps. Is it an automatic response to walking past the refrigerator? It it a automatic desire to eat something in front of the TV? Is it the pull of habit or one of those other drives?

I will need to watch a bit more, watch my thoughts, and see if I can pick out the difference.

Now how does one overcome a habit? displace it with something else. So what am I to do as a replacement activity?


  1. with me it's something absorbing enough to distract thoroughly, and it helps if it keeps my hands busy, too. back when i used to work backstage in community theatre, i lost 5 pounds every time i worked on a show.

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  3. add Turmeric tastes like dried shit


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