Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cure Willful Overeating

So what does one need to do to overcome willful overeating? If we were computers, reboot. But we are not, so we need to take Socrates advise and come to know ourselves, and develop a concept of how we think, and how we ought to think, and make the switch.

This is an overview of what I have learned. It is a bit radical and briefly explained, but I have changed much of my personality. We were brain washed unconsciously to get to this point, now we can do it consciously and intentionally with logic.

I have stared into the abyss of my psyche and it was empty and meaningless, and even that was meaningless and empty. I need to apply a meaning and a purpose and build a new character clear of these little annoying characteristics like overeating. But how is this possible? It is but it is a multi-step process, and required a leap of faith into a thought experiment. The result is a clear, well, slightly foggy, trail to rebooting in effect. It is circular logic, circular reprogramming, gone through many times, one conception at a time.

Some things are up to us and some are not. That which is up to us includes our beliefs, our values, our opinions, and little else.There a few thing more we have influence over. See Epictetus for fuller description. We can control some of our personality, the upper functions.

There is a model of the human mind processing that divides the mind into three types of activities. There are more, but we will deal with three this time through. All we need to do is slow down, step back and watch our mind at work. This is a neat trick, and many talk of this process. Micheal Brown, in the Presence Process explains this the best, but also several old shrinks, Arron Beck and Victor Frankel talk about what seems to be the same process. We can make the brain into a three black boxes with a space between each process that we can consciously intervene in.

The first is an observation black box*. It forms an 'adequate impression'. There is space there where we can have the conscious mind intercede and put in a test; like 'is this any of my concern' or 'is real or bullshit' or 'should I care about this'. We hand that adequate expression* off to what I will call the conversion matrix* part of the mind, where the unconscious stored conversion analogs examine the adequate impression. This automatic conversion matrix of the unconscious mind is where many of our problem arise. It may need an overhaul, as mine certainly did. It is part of our belief system and under our control enough to be able to be altered. We can add things like 'sugar and grains should not be eaten'. 'Processed food should not be eaten.'   'He is just an idiot beating this gums' and thereby deal with all the opinion of others. Withholding any input is freeing, we do not need to process anything that is not from a reliable source. It is just noise. This stops a lot of activity.

The third part is where we form a volition, if one is required. A zero alternative*, do nothing, think nothing, must be considered. It is just useful for me to blank out idiots in traffic and elsewhere. This is a freeing step for there is much that is none of my concern or does not need a response. Through this process I can hold the stoic big picture attitude, gratitude for what I have and know, and a sense of wonder. The stoic big picture is different from humility, defined as not being greater than anyone, which mathematically is being less than every one, but rather we are all equal and insignificant.

It is the gratitude for what I know, and know is right, that allows me the confidence to go through life knowing that I am right in my process, following virtue, and logic. There is much bullshit in this world and I must not let myself get drawn in to that vortex and get sucked down the drain into problems again. All one need do is smile and carry on in my process.

My logic of weight loss plan is to set carbohydrates and protein where they need to be, and as low as possible, and lower fat as far as satiation will allow. Now I just need to do that. But what do I know?

* terms that may need more explanation

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