Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Victors Views

History is written by the survivors, and usually by the victors. This puts a biases on everything.  In talking to the other archery groundhog day coaches last night, it became apparent that there are those high school students that learn and those that game the system. This two separate learning philosophy require different styles of presentation; well suggest that there should be two separate styles. Is the same true of life and weight loss? I am not talking about the fat vs carbohydrates issue... that now is a non issue, but rather in learning style. Do we heavy people learn better in a literary/numerical style than the typical social interaction that we were raised in? I grew up in an obese family, and never learned good eating habits, just habits. Are these deeply intrenched habits that are causing me the issues that I have today? Is it a trained in belief of what is food, and how much? Is it a trained in concept that I should eat when hungry? Or that I should eat at least three time each day? Perhaps the default condition of humans at constant weight is to be hungry to give us motivation. Polyphagia is a bitch.

The objective of the two groups of students are quite different. One group is there to soak up knowledge, the marks are secondary. The other group is there to get the best mark with the least amount of work. OK, those guys make better marketers, salesman, scam artists, even executives, sight shooters, compound junkies, while the information collecting types become the engineers, medical types, the technical people and instinctive or barebow shooters. Do we have the same split in our population with respect to adopting a diet system strategy? If this is true the wordy people, those that know less hard information, are likely being heard the loudest. If this is correct, it is no wonder that weight loss is so difficult, and maintenance even harder.

The philosophy of going our own way, vs going along with the population or culture, family, becomes important. I never was much for following directions anyway, and when the direction are not clear, all I want is an address. In my previous life, I just hated people who will not give an address to job sites, just directions. Not only are most direction crap, those people are either control freaked or instinctual types, who give thing like "just before the red house turn left" land marks, and when I see the red house, I am past the corner, or there are multiple red houses.  They also cannot accept that their direction are poor, but it is all my fault as I am male and fat.

Now what does this all to do with the views of the victor? Well I have noticed that along with weight loss comes an attitude change. It is that attitude change that is being kept secret, not talked about, ignored. It is that attitude change that is critical to success in maintenance. What exactly that attitude change is is not necessarily apparent, but it must include some form of fixity of food philosophy, else we get pushed back into our old ways. One way to not be pushed around is to get out of the herd of humans. What interests the mob does not interest me, and what interest me does not interest the mob. We have too many choices, I think. History is always written by the survivors.

I do not care what the mob think and I know nothing.

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  1. 'The objective of the two groups of students are quite different. One group is there to soak up knowledge, the marks are secondary. The other group is there to get the best mark with the least amount of work.'

    Talking and reading various articles this statement is so true.

    Isn't it far better to think outside of the box whether it be for health, wealth or life in general. Think for ourselves, read for ourselves and make informed choices. We are only here for the 'blink of an eye' let's all do our best to make it count! Not easy but life never is.

    All the best Jan


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