Friday, July 4, 2014

Is it too much adrenaline? or to little endorphins? or the sensors?

Which come first: obesity or high adrenaline/cortisol?

Is it over production, or just production of unnecessary, which results in refeeding?

Eating carbohydrates, food in general produces endorphins which, through sensor cells regulate our eating. Which is my issue? To much adrenaline? Too few endorphins? Or a problem seeing the endorphins? As Steve Parker has suggested, D2 sensor issue.

Caffeine, sugar and alcohol drive endorphins up, but adaption makes us require more to have the same effect.

I do not know, and if anyone knows, they are not telling.   


  1. Lately I've been experimenting with a sugar free Metamucil type powder (ground psyllium husks) before and after meals. I'm gravitating now towards straight after meals with a few glasses of water and it kills that "wanting to keep on and on eating feeling", especially my beloved chicken. Seems to fill my gut and signals to my brain time to stop. I read that this may help to absorb some of the food i.e. pass straight out the gut (this is how it's supposed to assist with cholesterol) but I'm wondering if it would absorb proteins and nutrients from my food as well. What are your thoughts Fred? Thanks

  2. Jasmine: Thank you for your comment.

    Personally, I use psyllium husk to provide a bit of soluble fiber. I have never noted any effect beyond easier movements, likely due to holding water within the slime. I am convinced that my problem is in the body or in the animal portion of the brain below consciousness.

    Personally, I do not care about cholesterol, as I am eat 19th Century Foods, and there is no proven life expectancy benefit to lower cholesterol unless one has CVD. The death rate is the same, the cause different. So much for statins. Our diet effects the size of cholesterol that we produce, and only directly contributes <5%.

    But then I know nothing, and this is not medical advice.


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