Monday, June 30, 2014

The root of the obesity problem

The root of the obesity problem, as I see it, is that no one is willing to put in simple and direct terms, that we need to change our behavior and our thinking in a major way, to correct the problem.

Modern processed food is not fit for this humans consumption. Yous all just gonna have to suck it up buttercup. I am done holding back. Processed food includes anything that I could not make in my kitchen with little effort; 12 minutes, door to plate with George Foreman, or cast iron, more like 15 with the gas grill.

It is change: our judgement need to change, our sacred culture and belief system must also change or be changed. It is in realizing that much of what has been pushed as good nutrition is marketing based, not good nutrition. It is in recognizing that fat, per calorie, will keep hunger away longer than a calorie of carbohydrate. Calories are not equal in terms of satiation, nor in time to hunger, the satiety effect.  It is in recognizing that only eating fat only is the only way to accustom the body to burn fat.  Carbohydrates are not burned preferentially but out of defense against blood sugar. 

Once we become accustom to eating and burning fat, hunger is much less of a problem. That fat does not fix the munchies of food addiction, nor the munchies of maladaptive behavior, nor the munchies of some unknown physical or mental cause. Many of these are physical, and we just need to learn to live with these problems. Busy with other enjoyable activities is one of the methods to overcome the munchies. You cannot sit in front of the TV or computer and watch or do something that you would not do, if you had a choice.

The study of philosophy, instinctive barebow archery, cutting grass,  anything can be distraction. But how much distraction from life can we do?

It is obvious that the experts in any field think their field has the answers, but it is obvious that few understand all the different issues well enough to sort out the causes. Until the causes are understood, and corrections made, the problem will continue.

Our sacred culture and belief system may require to be brutally sacrificed. A major upheaval and rebuilding may be simpler than trying to fix a poor culture and belief system. Screw it, I am going to make waves within my fellows.

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