Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rumination on the causes overeating

The four groups of causes of overeating, Physical, environmental, maladaptive, or addiction, are useful to understand an event. Yesterday, I ate new potatoes from the garden, perhaps 200 grams. Fresh, boiled, little red, robbed from the hills. My god, they tasted good. That should have been the first sign. All evening I craved. This I believe is the physical cause of overeating, likely a insulin short in to my naturally anxiousness body, or is it an adrenalin shot, I do not know. Either way, I have a choice: quit eating potatoes - or - keep on experiencing these eating rushes. So which is it going to be, go against my heritage, and a food that grows well here, or longer life? It should be a simple choice.

But is it only physical caused. I ate a potato. That is food induced change, so it might be grouped as food addiction cause, but the craving was not for more potatoes, it was for food in general. I did not have any "high fat" food available, but I guess I could have made a salad with a manufactured oil dressing. Oh well, it is morning of a new day, the cravings are gone, slept off, I guess. 

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