Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pole of public opinion

In reading old Roman philosophy, there are warning that seeking pleasure from food, eating leads to ruin (which rune I am not sure) due to soft living. Is that part of today's obesity problem? Is it the pleasure seeking that is one of the roots of the problem?

Ideally food is just energy, required by the body. Epecurious noted that hunger is the best sauce, that even barley porridge tastes wonderful after a fast.

How many time have I heard " I don't want that ___________ for lunch." Perhaps hunger would change attitudes?


  1. Just like Wooo wrote the other day -- the foods that "authorities" want us to eat ("slave food" as Kwasniewski described it) have brain-altering properties. They not only mess up our thinking, but (as you've pointed out before) they're physically addictive, and accelerate mental deterioration. So YES -- individual and societal decline is associated with the pleasure-foods that our industrialized society churns out so ceaselessly.

  2. The more we have the more we eat. I remember the size of supermarkets when I was a little girl...much smaller. Even in poorer countries there is more starchy food available now than 100 years now the poor have diabetes as well. Great job we should give ourselves a pat on the back.


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