Saturday, May 31, 2014

Something to chew on -- Zoe Harcombe

U-turn in our diet advice from “Farinaceous and vegetable foods are fattening, and saccharine matters are especially so” to “base your meals on starchy foods”

1869 tanner / Banting

Who was Tanner?

At first I thought perhaps he the doctor associated with Banting ( but no. That was Harvey.

So I googled it and came up with a faster
Googling the phrase brought up Gary Taubes, we all know

Farinaceous and vegetable foods are fattening, and saccharine matters are especially so….In sugar-growing countries the negroes and cattle employed on the plantations grow remarkably stout while the cane is being gathered and the sugar extracted. During this harvest the saccharine juices are freely consumed; but when the season is over, the superabundant adipose tissue is gradually lost.
–Thomas Hawkes Tanner, The Practice of Medicine, 1869

So we have it. 15 Consultation Response - Zo Harcombe.html

So it is clear, sugar and starches are to be avoided, but how can we overcome our physical attraction to food?      "Choose not to eat and hunger simply vanishes."   not likely. Choosing to not eat would work, if the desires did not increase.

But how do people fast for long periods? Is just that simple, choose to not eat?

I have seen myself need to fast for most of two days for a medical scope up the rear. That was near the time of my low weight, when Dr. Tim got concerned with my weight loss. I was at that point down 66 kgs. after the two days fast and scoping, I lost control... (the switch got flicked)... gained 10 kg overnight, well in a few days, more or less.

So is it as simple as some form of "thinking makes it so." Or it is all just (or vanity, op opinions) impressions (or memes). (Marcus Aurelius, Quadi - 15, Red bird addition- what ever it is called)

How is a simpleton like me to make sense of this, or did I just?

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