Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MY word on resistant and safe starches

I just do not care anymore. My body is changing, aging. Time to do the Maffetone test one more time.

This time I will look specifically at the desire to eat vs amount of carbs. Rigorous honesty, actually ate.

day 1, 104.5, May 7, 8.30am breakfast 3 bacon, 2 eggs, a bit of celery and a shake of RS in the eggs. drop of ketchup. < (fat left behind) 700C/4.5 =155C/hr not good

1.00 lunch 4.5 hrs 3 Bacon, onion, parsnip, cabbage, 700 C  /6 hr = 120C/hr

7.00 2 burgers and asparagus,  dab of ketchup, and dressing 600 C , total 2000 C

Day 2, 104.2, May 8,
7:30 4thin bacon, 2.5 eggs, 2mushrooms, celery, parsnip, and a dab of ketchup ~700 C/6.5 = ~108
2:00  2.5 Sausages, cabbage, dressing, ketchup, bit of burger, 700

and the wheels fell off.

- veins in hands standing out. Is that a sigh of dehydration or reduced/deleted glycogen supply? Not likely, but occasional. More often a function of local blood pressure. Raise one hand, lower the other and compare. 

Note that food logs can only underestimate consumption. You can remember eating something that was not there, but you can eat and forget.

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