Monday, May 12, 2014

Cravings yes/no
got me going, and perhaps this is off topic and not the point.

Cravings are slightly more complicated than indicated. There are many causes. A deficiency in some vitamin, mineral, or even odd carbohydrate can cause these little rotten problems. Inositol, omega 3, Vit C, proteins, magnesium, all seem to trigger cravings for me. 75 to 100 gms of raw fried potato in the morning gets rid of my inositol / carbohydrate shortage issue.

It is not just gut microbes, but also the number of specific cells in liver. If we have gone our life to this point with an excess of carbohydrates, can we expect our liver to produce all the trace carbohydrates required? And our need for omega 3 also varies. A person who lives on fish, vs a person living on pork have two different omega 3 requirements. All the mineral ions are dependent on the concentration of each other.

Cravings are one of the primary reason for overeating, which is one of the primary reasons for obesity / difficulty staying on any diet. The other big reason is society pushing junk food, hyper-palatable foods, ignorant people creating temptations for those of us who must resist foods to stay at healthy weight. Yes, some of us have naturally over driven appetites.

And here is a little Pom video for your enjoyment. 

Pom does not contain any real pomegranate juice by the way.

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  1. amen, Fred! Paul and Tom are two men who have never had serious weight issues and related problems, and they're both married to obesity-resistant women -- these circumstances make it hard for them to understand "us".... we "others" can't allow ourselves the latitude that they do.


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