Saturday, February 2, 2013


Today, Dr. Sharma, demonstrates projection.

Obesity is a wide stretching problem, and here is one that is spiritual  philosophical, psychological, with a philosophical and physical solution.

Projection is one of those things that really never was, that I overcame. Oh, how far I have come, and not yet reached the ends. We cannot look at people and know what they are thinking, all we can do is think how we feel and project those feelings onto other people.

The solution is to understand that it is not the event that makes us uncomfortable, but what we think of them. Our thoughts are impressions, mental objects, and that is what we react to, not the actual situation. If I have the thoughts and project it onto someone else, it is still my thoughts. It does not matter what the other person's expression or comments might be. It is still up to me to deal with my stuff.

What is in my control, and what is not? I can control my will, some of my violation actions, and nothing beyond that. Eating is part within my will, and part of it is outside of my will, outside of my control. I can, however, control my position in the environment, and get up and leave the table, as a method of control. All else is out of my control, and none of my concern. God will just need to take care of that. I use the term god here, as that collective stuff outside my responsibility and control which must be god's responsibility.

Back to Sharma's girl; she has not resolved what she thinks about herself yet, as voiced through projection. Or perhaps, it would just be simpler to address the real problem, what ever ones of the few hundred it might actually be. But then, I still have not addressed all my issues yet.

But what do I know?

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