Sunday, February 10, 2013

Obesity is an endocrine disorder

Fat Chance, Robert Lustic says it, but goes further, to say hyperinsulinemea, is primary about 40 percent of the time, then comes acellular induced hyperinsulinemia, ie sugar and wheat flour, and other ground carbohydrates. Add to this the trans-fats, excess omega 6 oils, a few chemicals, and then there are those fruits in continual supply, and you have the majority of the causes. 

Add the few psychological, philosophical, social and envrionmental causes and we have the problem. Understand and remove each cause and there should be some relief.

The problem is the cravings, caused by primary hyperinsulinemia, never go away. Those of us with this issue, need support of some kind, to continually battle against natural urges to eat that never lets up. Now there are lots of people that will not accept that this occurs, but I also know that there are many of us who suffer from this issue.    


  1. if a scientific theory doesn't cover ALL the possibilities, it's gotta have holes in it! but it sure makes life more difficult for the out-lyers...

  2. I question whether insulin is the cause of all cravings, but I certainly agree that my desire for sugar will never go away. More than a desire, it's a craving. Six weeks of ketogenic eating didn't do the trick, nor did two months of strict paleo eating.



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