Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sharma and Bating  Sharma has provided a lovely list of studies, but failed to note that recovery from obesity is or involves a change in philosophy with regard to what food is, is for, and about life in general.

Bating of the easily temped, to increase sales, is a contemptible thing to do, and that is exactly what big food companies, fast food chains, and the like do. It is recognising this, that these companies are treating us like the animals we are, that gives me the separation to see the shit that they are putting us animals through. It is time to use reason to stop consuming the juices squeezed from plants, concentrated, and dried. Ground seeds and other tubers, processed in a similar manner are also part of the problem.

Bating is just evil. It relies on basic need, the desire to be liked, the feeling of security, of belonging, of sex, and delivers bondage to products, to desires, not what is suggested. It is just like the leg-hold traps of old, with bate, and a slow terrible death. The big food and drug companies are just the modern trappers, and we are the pray.

What do I know?

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