Friday, February 22, 2013

PHD.. Piled higher and deeper

It is my opinion only that there are three levels of overeating in relatively healthy obese. The first is chemically/physically driven, by insulin, insulin reaction, as described in Fat Chance. This must be addressed first, that is no sugar, grains, omega 6 oils, or any of those nasty chemicals that drive appetite. We should include in this group all the vitamin and mineral, protein deficiencies. A Paleo / Primal / low carb food plan is the first step.

Second are all those environmental, emotional, social, stress, boredom situations that are beyond or control, that we are powerless over. We need methods of moving those into the third category in order to deal with them. For me, this is OA and stoicism of some form. Cravings and to some extent hunger fall into this category. Hunger, true hunger, can be identified with a small amount of fat rich protein. Satiation and satiety are separate issues.

The third category are those food drives that are within my power to do something about, even if all I can do is take myself away or to bed. These, I must address through education of the correct way of thinking, or stoic study, or similar methods.

But what do I know, I am not educated in the food science, research,  but I have beat my problem down a long ways.


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