Saturday, February 9, 2013

After Paleo

The eating issue that I face on a daily basis is largely a result of how I think about life and food, after we deal with the endocrine issues. Those are bad, but the food cravings are fat worse. This falls into the realm of philosophy or psychology, for which there is little help to solve the problem.

With the philosophy, at least, I can change the way I think. Just for today, I will believe that all things are divided into what I control, those few thing that I can influence, and those many things, including my body, that are beyond my control. The endocrine induced cravings are beyond my control, hence should be none of my concern, yet drive me to the food. There is no solution beyond resistance, non action, and yet these persist.

I live in a world of nutters, so I can expect erratic behaviour a every turn, so expect the unexpected.

There is little choice for me but to live in the Paleo lifestyle, but the cravings are bad still. Nobody knows what to do about these, at least not anything that impacts the cravings. The cravings come and go, but how long have they been present this time, over a year I think.      

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