Thursday, May 4, 2017

Realist vs Atheist

So high blood sugar is one means of reaching a euphoria state for a bit of time. A relaxed zoned out state. Sugar is the fastest, fruit not far behind. Dairy products also push this along. A good tasting tuber, or grain, usually with butter also help this along. So why would we not overeat? It seems that one third of the population never learned this or it does not happen to them. My contention is that overeating is normal for most of us as we were trained into overeating by the diets provided in our youth, and of course, persist today. So why is it so hard to change? We first need to desire to change, and secondly, more importantly, we need to change our human environment to foster lasting change. As this is not about to happen universally, many of us are doomed to suffer a long slow overweight death. 

Our human environments are largely controlled by the people who are remote from us but who's outreach extends one us. Yes religions, as those cast a net, a cloud, over all of us. That is not to say that we must react to their whims, but so many do that when we cooperate with those great clouds, we are drawn along with the group. Once we realize there is no god, we find ourselves still being drawn along with the population. Do you have any idea how deeply in our language and thinking religion is entrenched?

So our common beliefs, often refereed to as morals, are so evasive. Those of us who are stepping out of that mold start recognizing things like the anti-racist movement for what it is, like religion, is an effort to not looking at reality. On average, the blacks are not as well educated, not accustom to the educated among the population, they, on average, place less importance on education, and on whole the blacks perform less "educated" in life. The orientals are all about education and using that education to prosper. White are between, but many recognize that education of some type help the process of success in life. More is attitude in life. This is not racist but fact. But the anti-racist cannot see that, they only see racists when someone crosses there way of thinking, just like religions. We all get trapped into this false tunnel vision. Breaking out is enlightening.

It is becoming obvious that Neanderthals were the first peoples in north America now. The DNA project pointed at this, but left the calling out of this to others. That fact alone may point out why Canada has such a native people problem bring them into modern life styles. Up until now, I have attributed it to there society and unwillingness to accept reality of the times. It take considerable force to turn the ship off shore, just like our own eating reality and direction. It is not just reality but what we think is reality, and what our body says should be happening.

So our attitudes and opinions that keep us on course, even if we are coarse. We do not examine our attitudes and opinions in the detail we should, and when we do, we find ourselves at odd with the world in many ways. We get tired of swimming against the current, and against our own instincts, in a world without compassion or understanding. Many of us just stop caring and allow ourselves to drift with the current, even when the current of the world is just wrong. We take the odd swipe at the big wrongs, and let the others just pass by, unacknowledged. In the end we just die anyway.

Virtue is the only good. Knowing what is right and doing that, a stoic truth, must the foundation of our ethics, but I digress. Enough.

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