Saturday, May 13, 2017

Can Fred live in the third person?

Would it be easier to live in the third person if I gave myself a different name? It would be easier but untrue, and likely less effective. The whole purpose of this exercise is to examine the OCD treatment proposed by Schultz, and to learn to live in the observational perspective of the third person. This is said to generate a clear minded perspective of any situation, like overeating. understanding the desire to eat as a over-driven physical need is not sufficient to stop. Fred needs to learn to ignore this physical need and do something else. It is all about self management up to the limit of extended endurance, but not beyond. Breaking the body leads to mental problems and escape-ism, and we do not want to go there. 

But perhaps I also need to describe the other analogy that Fred perceives here, the problem of over management, that is the problem of management taking up to much of the available time, of resources. We see this occasionally in second generation companies, and always now in government. Over management. They are spending so much time in controlling people, and trivial behaviors, there are not enough resources left for what is actually required. Trump is a good example of this problem. He sees that there is too much government, but is unable to decide what is actually required to reduce the size of government. It needs to get out of the lives of people and set only directions based on facts, real items, and on personal desires like religion. Women's health should be between the women and her doctor, end of life issues should be between the patient and doctor. Reduce regulation without imposing the beliefs, not facts. Something will not go the way we want, oh well, but the cost of management will be manageable.

As the population grows the perceived need for management grows faster. This suggests that at some point, the cost of management, and the population size get out of control. We are over in both accounts.  Here is an example of a useful law that is just too costly for the government to implement:  . Just too much government.

Do we run into the same issue within our own human self? Exercise, food prep, person stuff, home cleaning and maintenance, computing, commuting, retraining, upgrading, recreational, and work all take time. And we need sufficient rest time as well. Are we at or beyond our personal durability? Do we need to do less, or do something different? Elimination of things out of our lives is always a choice, just like the government needs to simplify, but without losing life quality. The first thing that should happen is dumping of all religion in favor of the Church of Alternative Reality... The church intent on the domination of all other religions... or at least provide a alternative to ... based on reality... aimed at improving mental health, health in general and providing reasonable modern guidelines to life, fully aware that some things are up to us, some are not. Wrong. Trump and the US worships money and/or rich people, beautiful people, and popularity. God does not exist so they believe they worship an concept, mainly in the head of the believers. This is just goofy talk. 

Perhaps it is time to take Fred to the garage to address some spinning wood or something.  


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