Sunday, May 7, 2017

Homeostatic Imblance

Homeostatic, the body' ability to maintain a constant weight is just broken in my case. I gain period, unless I am losing. Zero carb or very low, and I stink and gain, unless I am hungry all the time. Add carbs and I gain but the ketosis goes away. The  last solution was walking two hours each day and eating enough to maintain only light hunger for four years. It was a miserable existence. Add a bit more food to hold the gain to 1 kg per month, existence was still miserable but not as much hunger. Three years has passed, and now I am 35 kg up. It is time to turn the process around again.

Homeostatic is an concept; it does not exist in my world. This is like god; it only exists in the mind of the believers. So what is necessary to drop back into that hunger state that I can lose weight? 

I cannot walk for two hours each day now. My right hip is near gone, and the pain would stop me.

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