Thursday, January 26, 2017

Yes, No, Well that depends

Yoni made a pronouncement, but it is only sometimes correct. I am operation under a hypothesis that there are multiple causes of overeating, and that mood is not one of the major driving factors; that depends on how we define mood. I define mood as a medium term temperament, that is day, days, perhaps weeks in length. It is the long term temperament of months, years, to life that is the problem. Occasional overeating is not the problem, occasional overeating creates overweight people, not obese people. But he is right that psychological, philosophical, emotional, cultural, physical, environmental, and especially addiction to food issues must be addressed before recovery from obesity issue can be overcome completely.

Is it a true addictive substance, or is it just behavior as obsessive compulsive behavior? Does it matter? 

But Yoni is wrong in that diet must be corrected in order to remove the self mediating effect of food in order that the underlying mind problem, the non physical drive to overeat can be exposed. Food addiction is a bitch of a problem, and if one happens to live in a situation where one has little control over the food available, food addiction may impossible to recover from in that environment. Food addiction is necessarily the first thing that must be beat down before recovery can occur.

Before food addiction recovery can occur, acceptance of food addiction must occur. If a human has the willpower to only eat small amounts of the addictive substance, it would not be addiction. Some of us are highly sensitive to odd things, wheat being a prime example. Some of us cannot handle any wheat, and but like the taste of wheat. It is in many prepared foods also. For those of us who cannot handle it, absence is the only logical choice.

Now what if our addiction is a physical problem like insulin overproduction?  Perhaps we need to live on no starch, no sugar diet? Yet we like, even crave, and want starches, may even require a few, which are ever present and economical? Now we have a real problem. Even worse when we have unresolved personality problems. Sleep, work, do something or eat: those are my choices. But I get tired to quickly, oh well, sleep. But I do not need to do anything, and do not want to do anything? That does not matter if I want to avoid eating. Rest, at home, will result in eating. Now what are those choice: sleep, work, do something or eat. 

Developing the skill to sit in front of food that we like, and not eat it, is not a skill I have. As I do not live alone, but with a french yettie, this is a problem. (yettie, after the polish cry "yets, yets") This is an environmental problem or the environment I inhabit. There is no point in talking about this problem further, there is just no cooperation coming. I do cook meals, but I cannot prevent more crap being bought and left out.   


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