Monday, January 2, 2017

Is Overeating a "learned behavior"

Yes, well since we do it, it is a learned behavior. The question is more complex; was it learned as a result of direct teaching or was it self learned as a coping method for a bad situation or a inability to cope with some problem? Does that problem still exist?

So if my personality/attitude puts me into conflict with those around me, and I overeat to sooth myself, then I must learn to deal with those around me or I have no change of lasting recovery. So how does one learn to deal with people who are just wrong? An atheist living among the religious?

A grumpy wife?


  1. In my case, it was more of a "family tradition": each & every major or minor event be it birthday, anniversary, holiday, graduation, wedding, etc is celebrated with great quantities of home cookin'...
    And anyone who didn't wholeheartedly dive in would be looked at askance! Similar to the general population these days, about 2/3's of us struggle with weight problems large & small, the other 1/3 are the (disgustingly) naturally thin, who could indulge without a care, never gaining an extra ounce!

  2. Exactly. I have a forty five year old nephew among the thin camp, who never seems to eats unless someone else is buying. But you are absolutely right, 1/3 have no concern and do not understand the issue. They have no attachment to food or eating. The remainder of us (~2/3) struggle.


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