Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We do things for a reason... BULLSHIT

We do things for a reason is a piece of quick talk, it sounds good until we apply a bit of reasoning and analysis, and is essentially bullshit. The definition of bullshit, in this case, is the speaker/writer does not care if the statement is true or false, it is just for effect. We can do things for a reason/logic or the following incomplete list:
  • Reason/logic (included for completeness of this list)
  • To achieve a goal or objective (instrumental)
  • Stimulus driven behavior, it just feels right or good
  • For pleasure, what ever it is
  • for fun, or a challenge
  • a belief, or as proof of belief
  • emotion or for emotional relief
  • comfort, pleasure... it just feels good to do it
  • stimulus or fixation on doing that thing, habit
  • ego, because I could
  • social/cultural belief  
So why we eat may be for no reason at all. Note that stimulus made the list. 

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