Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stimulus Driven Behaviors

So how do stimulus driven behaviors develop? Well they start out as goal driven behaviors, and then the goal dies off, it outlives it usefulness, and must be changed.  So in youth we develop a goal of eating enough to grow, it becomes a stimulus goal that encodes, then we slow down, quit growing, or were eating too much to start with, and we have a problem.

Does knowing that it is a stimulus driven behavior help with recovery? Knowing that we are powerless may actually help; we know not to start and to deny the stimulus as a stimulus, we can stay in the present moment and revisit the new goal, objective, we can stay in the conscious mind space, in the present time, we can go into a different automatic stimulus driven behavior. We can name it as an unwanted stimulus and perhaps move on.



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  2. COMMENT MODERATION is my recommendation...
    But in answer to your question, no, I don't think knowing what is driving your behavior helps much... The only thing I can do is get the hell OUT of my house to keep out of the kitchen!

  3. Hi Val: Escaping does work, but I get tired and need to come home for a rest.... It is a bitch getting old.

    Work is a wonderful think, it prevents needs and boredom... but I retired...


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