Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sharma Humor perhaps

With success measured at 5% (1 in 20) how good of an expert are any of these weight loss doctors?

So if we, after eight years are at 72 percent of our weight loss still off, are we doing better than the experts on average?

On average is a misleading thing. Bill Gates walks into a bar. On average, everyone in the bar is a millionaire.

On average, one half of the population has less than average intelligence. That does not include we dyslexics, as the intelligence test cannot measure a dyslexic yet.

Time is now standardized as the vibration of a cesium atom. When we use this definition, black energy and black mater, red shift aka expanding universe, and a bunch of weird and wonderful stuff seems to exist. If we define it as a uniform fourth dimension, now is now in all space, and allow gravity to change the speed of vibration to vary the speed of vibration, the red shift reduces, universe gets older by a large factor, black mater and energy become measurement error, and individual life becomes intrinsically valuable again.

So by occam's razor, our definition of time should be changed, but that would create confusion in the world and through a bunch of physics working on black stuff out of work.

So by occam's razor, weight loss should study all those who have had better than average success with weight loss, and understand all the reasons for their success, but that is not likely to happen for political reasons. We can use this thought, as a evidence that individual live have intrinsic value, whether the experts agree or not. It is not going to happen, is it?


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