Thursday, May 5, 2016

Enough is Enough.

“enough is enough” It is time to make that big behavioral change again.

A good summary of addiction, as I understand it can be found here:

 Overeating is a chronic behavioral and mental condition with comorbidity similar to alcoholism. It may also be an inability to deal with the situation we live in. Often the situation is not inducive (or inductive) to a good life, but it is what it is. Now it is about learning to live in the situation we find ourselves in.

There is too much we need to learn to get through life. Each educational professional has there own preference for what is important, and so much is missed, or time is wasted teaching wrong information like religion. And then we are out of time, like learning that marketing misinformation is not suitable for diet decisions. Skim milk is a bi-product, pig feed in my youth. Today it is the recommended food. Barley likewise. Oh well. Stoic philosophy, on the other hand is seen as unimportant, yet has proven to be useful, not as philosophy, but a way of life, of thinking, of being and of understanding other people, complete with their ironic and wrong beliefs.  You can believe what ever shit you want to. The prime directive applies.

It is time to sort out more wrong information. Weight control is more about what lies between metered meals. Get on with life.  

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  1. I've come across another good Chris Bell docu-drama "Prescription Thugs", his expose of American drug culture in which there's a pill for every ill, viewed through the lens of his own family's struggles - his older brother OD'd on painkillers, Chris developed his own problems w/pills & alcohol...


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