Thursday, April 21, 2016

The approching end of life as we know it

The end is coming, as each day slides by. That is the end of life as we know it, that I speak of. Change is the only constant. Impermanence, to the Buddhist. Reflection on the shortness of life, continual change and passing time for the Stoics.

Industrialization has brought us rising Co2 levels, and with that comes turning the oceans into weak acids. Plankton and corals die off. With plankton die off, we lose Co2 buffering. Plankton absorb sunlight and use that energy to free the carbon from the oxygen, and create hydrocarbons, the basics of the ocean food chain. That unused sunlight will warm the oceans, creating an eternal El NiƱo environment and all that that entails, mainly drought in inland Alberta, and similar areas, and erratic severe weather. We have reached the tipping point, we are beyond any chance of a world's governmental intervention. That will not happen until the event actually happens and China and US are in pain. Oh well, that could be soon but too late for correction.

The second last great extinction was similar. A volcano set a massive coal formation on fire, and that acidifies the ocean, and with the smoke and ash from the volcano, a big percent of life on earth was wiped out. Oh well, what survived had space to grow, and resulted in dinosaurs and that megafauna.  

South Asia main protein source is fish from the oceans. China may see the light before the US. Canada is such a small contribute to the problem. Oil Sands, although more Co2 releasing than conventional oil, by only the cost of extraction, will be needed by the world at some point. Saudi are in fear that there economic base will be of lost through low demand are likely somewhat alarmist, as it will be along time before oil is not needed. Without oil we cannot build solar panels and wind turbines. It will be a brave new world we face.

Food production is not, as I see it a issue, if we start soon to address the drought/inland water cycle issue. We know the methods, we have the technology. We lack the political will as a nation/province to do it. We also lack the private and corporate will also. It is that simple. We just do not want it bad enough. We will need to get to crises to see the need for change. Oh well. it has always be thus. We will not do it until it is too late. So be it. As it was, as it is, as it will be.

What will the next species of man look like? Will we be more proactive? Will we be more social, and more concerned about the weakest in society? Will we eliminate the weak out to the reproduction pool? Will we be more warlike and independent, reverting to tribal type attitudes?  How will we, as a species, control our population? Or will we all just do as we can to get by as best we can, unplanned?

Many of us have learned how to eliminate the mental suffering from our lives. Godfree (the condition) is a good place to start, then the Mangala Surta with a side of Seligman. Start where you are, and the list of possible choices is long.

Many of us have learned what not to eat, as most industrial foods are dose dependent poisons. Oh well. Some know that vegetarian, although a good sounding idea, misses one fact; we humans need proteins to support the carriage for our big brains and omega 3 oils to support our big brains. Inland, grassed beef is the best source. End of consideration for veggie ways.

Government control is just too expensive. The alternative is producer to customer short chain. Living in the right place becomes critical for survival. But what do I know?      


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