Monday, April 4, 2016

Cultural norms (rant)

Sharma point to the real problem but does not clue in.

We have fucked up cultural norms. Now TV, mass communications, have overlain a new level of "norms" on society that indulge of buy in to the scheme. Not scheme, but I do not know the word, scheme but without a end plan or reason.

This video, before you reach the paywall, defines the problem.
We can be whatever we want. Bullshit!!! Some just do not have the skills, opportunity,  finances, education, drive. The majority fail. And get frustrated, and then use food as a soother. High glucose leads to insulin surge, and to early hunger, and the cycle starts.

And then there is the illusion of free will....and of self. Chinese are trained through there cultural norms to be good dutiful followers, and to respect there elders. And so says Confucius, so the society does. That is the main reason the Communism works in China. It is more about their cultural norms than anything else. 

Primer on Cultural norms: 

And we should not confuse cultural norms with social norms, for social norms are not rooted as deeply, and are the surface in mixed culture societies. It is politically incorrect to say that some cultures, like many of the natives in Canada, do not subscribe to the modern social norm, but hold to their cultural norm. Sit on the reserve and wait for government handouts. It is there culture.

and social norms: 

We overweight people have a eating culture, many of us were trained to it in our youth. It may not have been what our parents intended to teach, but it is what we learned. Now we must change our culture. Our values, beliefs, thinking, emotions, language, behaviors, all depend on our culture.

Some of us are more Neanderthal body type, and have higher BMI than the Homos. Oh well, we play the hand we were dealt. (eg, beef, not dairy)

Enough. What do I know?


  1. "Eating culture" certainly describes MY family of origin to a T...
    Just as I find it close to impossible to sit down to watch television without SOMETHING to snack on & sip! (these days I've substituted a handful of almonds & a glass of water)


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