Monday, April 11, 2016

Equal, well not really

Well, here is the problem with this; few women stick around through the tough sledding in some industries to reach the top. As a geotechnical materials engineer, there are no women in this area. There are a few environmental paper pushers but we have never had a women that was willing to do the long years of heavy slugging, long hours, dirty jobs, in remote conditions, in the junior years of this profession. There may be a few working for the government somewhere.

There was one who started out in university with me, and after a few years she returned to university... to take up nursing. "It was too difficult to get ahead" was her words. She did less than the remainder of the workers at her engineering job also, but that is of course all opinion.

But what does this have to do with eating? Well learning to sort real, aka story that matching personal experience, from the news bullshit, taints information gathering, so much that real information has a difficult time getting through, if we take any of it seriously. For some one to figure out that it is the intake of carbohydrates, quick digesting carbohydrates, insulin raising carbohydrates, at the same time as enough fats to make them taste good, is the primary cause of obesity, combined with a obsessive-compulsive personality trained in from childhood, largely by the media. The medical profession is of little help, as they are now controlled by government guidelines. It is all the miss-information that is the real cause, and our inability to follow a proper life style, due to the available entertainment, and baiting of junk food companies.

We find ourselves in a obese-genetic environment, and we must resist. Oh, well, shit happens, and the human life has little real value to the elected governments. That is the issue of society today, to recover we need to step out of the society with its obese-genetic cultural norms.

But what do I know?     

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