Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sugar Addiction

We have all heard that sugar lights up the brain just like cocaine. Or should that be alcohol?

Is it dopamine that drive overeating?

So how does one not eat any carbohydrates to test addiction to carbohydrates theory?

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  1. The way I do it is to not eat the high carb things that trigger me- I can get a physical rush to the head. I stick to non-starchy veggies only- no grains, no fruits, I suspect it's both dopamine and ghrlein.

    I get normal full/hungry signals on low carb/Keto. I get false eat signals when eating a lot of high carb foods. Oh, and emulsifiers- that guar and xantham gum is everywhere, is most processed products. I can tell right away.....

    Hang in there, it's not easy. Meat and veg, and some fat. I switch up spices- makes it more interesting without the false triggers.


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