Sunday, February 28, 2016

Most Religion is Fraud

And the truth shall set us free. Schopenhauer figured that we have two biological drives: food and sex, aka reproduction, perhaps at times a bit of desire for companionship, but after those are satisfied, there is boredom, unless we pick a purpose for our life and go just do it. Does that need a god? Not in the least.

Half of our existence, our biological drives, our genetic roots, is about food. So if we are short of success in reproduction or beyond our best by date, are we driven to the area where we can have success in, that being the consumption of food?

What does religions have to say about all this. It is sin. We were born to do wrong. What a negative point of view! It is moral failure. It is greed. It is lack of self control. We now know that it is mostly chemical and biological driven in an environment that does not force us to do labor as it once did. We are biologically doomed, and those who survive will be the ones with genes that are better suited to this abundant environment. Religions may distract the unthinking and short lived from reality, but they do not fix the basic problem. We reproduce to fast to maintain stable populations. Religion is the original dream merchants. We now have more information.

Our present bleeding heart political system will not lay down the hard facts on any of these issues. Over population, dangerous foods, mostly created by processing and preservatives, but taste wonderful, are being heavily marketed to a gullible population. How gullible? Look at the hold of religion, the original gullible test. So what do we need to do to create a truthful, and honest environment where those of us with food and eating issues can flourish?

First, we must provide ourselves with a new purpose, to define and build such an environment. A year around stable and suitable local food source/system must be defined. Here in Northern Alberta, it can be done, at least on a small scale (I grew up that way), but it is not economic, considering that a can get a jar of pickles from India for the same price as a resealable jar here. That is the problem, economy of shipping from cheap labor countries.

We would need a physical community of like minded people. There is not that. Being a free thinker, clear reasoning atheist, makes that much more difficult, for the religious all shun the atheist free thinkers. This country may claim to be Christian, but they run from the atheists. The next revolution will be a religious cleaning of the belief system of the population. It will not be political, but truth and reason from first principles of science to a new culture. A supply of good food will only be one of the issues.

It will be interesting times in the future for sure, just as it has been throughout my working life. I grew up working some with horses, dirt roads, root cellars, no electricity, back country ways. The Gerstetner was a high tec machine as was the fax, both come and gone. The computer and internet have become a essential tools, complete with antivirus and anti-add software, encryption up the was-zoo, and the like. Free cloud storage for the non-valuable stuff, and off line off premises back up for all valuable stuff. I wonder if this whole era will be lost to history as the technology changes and everything becomes obsolete.    

What do I know?  Perhaps a new religion based on truth, peace, and compassion, but not any bullshit.

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