Monday, August 31, 2015

Taubes and....

So now that hunger is a factor to consider in diet....

Anyways, I was at a archery demonstration, give it a try thing, ( I am a recreational traditional style archer) and I realized that many of the obese people who came along have personality disorders. Looking back, I realized that I also have one, but not as severe as one native lady. Not listening to anything, my god. Archery can be dangerous to the self and others, but mainly to the self, if a few items are not followed. All a coach can do is step back and let them risk themselves if they will not listen and hear. Oh, well, that is the native way.

Some old researcher said something about "if you want to see the problem clearly, study the extreme case first." Not hearing, not considering, treating anything said as noise, as a personality disorder, well I am not sure but it is a useful trait sometimes. We never need to consider anything we do not want to. Our ignorance continues, our beliefs become ossified, even the wrong ones.

But what do I know.


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