Thursday, August 20, 2015

More on not understanding the problem

Keven Hall is trying to do the disproving on the insulin/carbohydrate without realizing that we live in a free range world, and his metabolic ward study did not address two big issues: the ability to stay on the diet, and secondly, the time frame to lose substantial amount of weight.

We need to train ourselves to live on single digit percent of diet in carbohydrates, and that is tough to do if we do not cook our meals. There is a human craving for carbohydrates also, so we likely do better if we get a few, but that is not the issue. We exobese have a damaged metabolism I assume. We are not quite normal. It also takes time to adapt to fat, and especially if we go to the keto level of fat intake.  The fastest way to get to keto is fasting. No intake. After into, a few greens and a bit of meat is all. It requires effort and is not sustainable once our BMI gets to a 'normal' point, perhaps 20 for Asian, 25 for most, 30 for weight lifters and big working males. It is that non-sustainability at normal BMI that signal the end of the diet, and then we need to increase our fat intake to balance weight. That is where the difficulties in understanding lie, and where suitable food is problematic.

Just a reminder of the numbers; 50 grams of carbs is 200 calories, based on 2000 calores, that is 10 percent. I live on less than 2000 calories, and require much less than 50 gms of carbs to stay in single digit carbs, but I would like much more carbs. 

To lose weight, calories must be low and insulin must be low to reduce hunger. Cravings are an issue of one of the other causes of overeating. Adequate food knowledge is only one of the solution. The groups of causes of overeating: food addiction, environmental issues including Pavlovian, maladaptive behaviors, and physical problems must be each separately addressed.

Keven Hall has missed the problem, and has not touched the carbohydrate/insulin issue at 29 percent carbohydrates with 8 percent sugar. This is not low carb. His subjects were not exobese. His study demonstrates a lack of understanding of the real problem we exobese face, that is not regaining. Losing weight is tough, granted, but keeping it off is where the battle really begins. 

But then what do I know?  

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