Thursday, September 3, 2015

Paleo a fad: Bullshit

Now when the press, media are just plain stupid, what does it do to the reputation of all the press, media?

Paleo, the template has always been around. I was raise on it with the addition of a few potatoes and baked goods. I grew up in northern Alberta, and most people we knew ate that way. The city folk were far distant, and I have no clew (nor clue for you english majors) what they ate. We would butcher a beef in the  late fall if a moose did not show up. A pig was the spring meat, and in the summer chickens. They did not need refrigeration. Mother or later I could convert them in short order. Mother did a good job on Grandmother recipe for southern fried chicken. Fad Bullshit.

A bit of wheat and potatoes is not a bad thing. The problem with wheat today is the fertilizer and high speed steel grinding. A stone ground grain from unfertilized field is not the same as modern processed. A slice of mothers bread would keep one not hungry for a half day. I would guess that most of the grain was just cracked, not flour. There was enough flower to hold it together, but it did not rise like modern flour.

My father was from Ireland, he came over after WWI when the Black and Tan thugs were beating on everyone, and settled up there close to my mothers family lands. (after doing most of ten years in the US and eastern Canada). The potato was a way of life for him, coming from a farm in Ireland. In the 1500's the potato change Irish culture from struggling to flourishing. Grains were not a big part of the Irish diet until after the famine in the 1850's.

Now we need to eliminate wheat from our diet due to fertilizer and fine grinding. There have always been a few that wheat was a problem for.  Sugar has never been good for humans in more than a taste occasionally. The modern diet is the fad, but it will likely last as it is now entrenched into industry.

Oh well, what do I know.      

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