Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Locus of Control

Maturing, in part, is switching from an external sense of control to an totally internal locus of control. As children and youths, we were provided external locus of control, and through the aging, education, training, experience, and the like we gradually became more internally controlled, or should have. In some careers we learn to follow rules, procedures and the like that provide external control; we may never have the need of developing internal control over some things. In addition, there organizations like religions that provide organized external control that thwart the development of internal locus of control.

Our subconscious mind also operated in this manner, as an low energy automatic response that is resistant to change. The first thing in recovery from eating behaviors is to develop a willingness to change, widely and in other areas that relate to the causes of overeating. Clues that cause hunger, sights, smells, offers, presentation of food and junk food all cause the appetite to start. This Pavlovian response occurs in humans, and is accompanied with a release of insulin. This an external control that that must be replaced or other modified to internal control, that is also logical and rational. Without recognizing the issue, we can laze along in some form of external control, never actually living a deliberate life.

It is in this automatic start that we spend most of our life, not in the deliberate mode. Mindfulness may be about this aware state that all input/output passes through the rational 'directing' mind. It is the act of bringing all consumption, all behaviors, into the 'directing' mind that will cause change, and not allowing myself to be drawn into those situations of external control.

The biggest single cause of allowing myself to slip into external control is that damn TV.

A change in our locus of control from external to internal is a change in our nature which could bring our (my) problem to an end. It is this change in my basic nature that any 12 step  program hopes to create, but they do that by giving one's self over to an external control of a non-existent deity of some form. Stoic philosophy does it by increase my internal locus of control.  Only nature and man exist, all else is unnecessary and there is no evidence of anything beyond man and nature. Anyone wishing to sell me on the concept will first need to provide evidence of the existence of a god.

This may be what Peele called or/and observed the maturing out of the opioid problem, but a different human desire, human need, human craving. 

But then what do I know? 


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