Saturday, June 27, 2015


Our attitude toward how we approach eating is critical our success at weight loss. When I approach notable breakfast and lunch with the idea of only eating enough to relieve hunger, I do better than any other concept of satiation. The evening meal then becomes somewhat larger, but with the same attitude, it can be handled. Eating just enough to remove active critical hunger is far less than comfortable for me but doable.

With the proper attitude we can stay in our happy place. What I refer to as our happy place is that daydream like state of mind where we are distracted from the physical hunger situation, and in one of the early mind state of per-mediation, not monkey mind, but not in concentration either. This is accompanied with the loss of time consciousness, sort of like a nap while being fully awake but not fully present in the reality of the present.

We have the natives that have the poor mes attitudes, here in Canada. They lost the war and surrendered, rather than starve. Many live on reserves, where the leaders look after themselves, and there people live as they can. They do not have the will to become part of the modern culture, but long for a simpler time, but also want all the modern convinces, at someone elses expense. Oh, poor me. Truth and Reconciliation. They need someone to reconcile with. It is a native cultural problem. Over 1000 missing and dead aboriginal missing? It is a cultural thing, since they are 4 times as likely to go missing. Predators exist, Predators harvest those who can be cut from the heard. Oh well, it is their culture. Attitude is critical for our survival. If they do not care, why should I?

But back to only eating enough to relieve active hunger. Some days the hunger will just not go away. Now what? It cannot be hunger, but it feels like hunger, not cravings. now what?

Yes, "a man in the grip of his daimon".


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