Saturday, June 6, 2015

insulin sensetivity, playing the hand we are dealt

Insulin sensitivity is the critical body function that we must achieve to lose weight. We do this by not eating carbohydrates, not overeating proteins, and eating some fats. The amount of fat we eat will control our weight. It does not take much fat to prevent weight loss, a few hundred calories. That is as little as 22 grams of butter each day. Other people claim not to get fat consuming fat to satiation, but will not provide numbers, so how much fat are they actually eating?

There are those who say fat will not make you fat. Bullshit, for some of us at least. Some of us just gain weight so easily, that any extra food is stored; our fat cells are more insulin sensitive than our muscles cells. It is that simple. The fat is locked away, where we cannot get to it, we get hungry, we want to eat, now we have a choice or not; do what the body wants, or struggle against it.

Not eating any added fat forces the fat out of the fat cells, but it is a miserable existence during the fat loss cycles. Maintenance of weight is near impossible for many of us; we need to cycle through some range. When we get to the top, cut the fat, and lose. Always keep carbs low and protein at some reasonable level, say 1 gram per Kg of lean body mass.

Both glucose and insulin are toxic at more than normal concentrations. Keeping both low is the answer to longer life, even if the government does not think that is so, as may be implied off their Canada good food guide (spit). Perhaps it is their attempt at limiting there pension liability, and creating employment through the medical industry. It is all about keeping the people busy, to keep the dollars turning, and on each turn, the government gets a taste, or more like a big lunch. Government always does what is good for government, not the people.  

The only way to get the fat out of the body is to stop eating fats, after fixing the carbs and proteins for those of us who have the obese gene concept. Concept because no obese gene has been found, but we behave like it is a physical imperative direction. Perhaps we are in a continual state of agitation, or have some natural chemical driving our eating.

Anyway, if we are not normal weight, with little excess, or losing weight, we are not insulin sensitive. HAES are just shorting there life's with there opinions, but that is their choice. It has no impact on the stoic self, to separate the various concepts of self.

What do I know?

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