Saturday, January 17, 2015

Uncovering hidden meaning

Warning! DIY psychology. Thanks Val.

Windy Point, above Bighorn Dam, West of Rocky Mountain house, looking northeast downwind. No purpose, no hidden meaning, just a nice day last Sept 2014.

For the last 40 years I have been taking pictures. What am I going to do with them? Back in the day, anyone came over, I had captive audience for a slide show. Some stayed away because I would "make them watch slides". How rude of me. Not no more. We have a friend who puts a "slide show on his TV". We all watch. Ken likes to Photoshop everything. You don't like that wire,... gone, that sign, ... gone, that haze, not bright enough, no detail in the shadows, color is off, ... all fixed.  Oh well. Some people like slide shows, other do not, so what? As a kid, they were often good local entertainment at my grandparents house. But we were visually starved for entertainment, no TV, no movies, not much for radio. National Geographic was a big hit also for a "foreign publication".  Now we are drowning in stimulation. Too much, just too much. Not enough mental stimulation though.

But back to the subject. As I have alluded, this eating problem has many different faces. It is as much psychological as physical, philosophical, chemical, environmental or emotional. The psychologist do not know how to fix it either. Everybody is pointing fingers at something else. We have done everything right, it must be the client. He is non-compliment. And yet we look at all those obese people who have made an effort to learn to eat right and are unable to keep the weight off. There is something wrong somewhere.

We have found wheat and dairy product to be appetite stimulus. Everything that tastes good is an appetite stimulus, a hyper-palatable food, even steaks. It become a necessity for some of us to live hungry. There is no other choice, hungry, craving, desiring, -not satisfied - whatever. With all those negatives the Losada ratio is shot for sure. (Discredited, yes, the data does not support 5 significant figures, but the concept is about right.) Anything not 3 positives to one negative is just too negative. But what is the fix? Boring food, OK. But everything I cook tastes good. Life is a bitch. The other choice is to eat and grow fat again. There is a procedure that chemical cauterizes the blood supply to the ghrelin producing region of the stomach. But would that work?

It should not be necessary to mutilate the body to live at a normal size. This just does not seem right. Perhaps I will try steamed vegetables rather than microwaved.  



  1. Well I'm just going to talk photographs. I just love looking at them and you still can't beat a good black and white photograph somehow - especially a portrait. My parents used to give loads of slide shows, as did there friends does it date us on this aspect - think it does, Now of course everything is digital but is this better or worse ?

    Sorry if this had hi-jacked your point re eating problem. Just to say I like steamed vegetables and steam fish too. As you know I now live the LCHF lifestyle and there are many exciting things happening in 2015 regarding this as your blog lists will no doubt show.

    Hope 2015 is a good one for you Fred (and your readers)

    All the best Jan

  2. I was SO excited when son Z told me he'd had a scheduling conflict & had to transfer into a photography class! I went to closet, proudly dug out my old Pentax for him only to hear "It's not DIGITAL, Mom!"
    I don't care; I'm buying a new battery for the light meter & a roll of FILM (if I can still find one) - I'm going to go shoot up a roll on my farm! Maybe we'll have a contest ;-)

  3. P.S. Grandma to the rescue - she bought Z a nice Nikon...
    Geez Louise!!! but what the hell, as I recall I begged for & got my Pentax around his age (16) - & here it is, still serviceable! Somehow I doubt the Nikon will be so long-lived (his photography teacher told me to hang onto my ol' K1000 - no worries, I certainly shall!)


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