Sunday, January 18, 2015

No Fat Added

Just  mountain goat near Jasper, roadside at Goat Point. That is a federal goat, about 1000 year for harvesting him.

There is no consensus on added fat in the LCHF community, or on the amount of food required. They refuse to use calories as a measure of food quantity. So those of us with high appetites gain weight at "eat to satiety". What is a person to do?

Ignore the advise is one possible choices. Or perhaps follow Zoe Harcombe, never mix carbohydrates and fats. Or perhaps just no added fat (naf). It needs to be tested.

Now that I have been out for ribs and a potato with butter, I think the plan is only workable at home. Since I am not a real diabetic yet, i have more wiggle room. I am thinking eggs and something for breakfast, a veg lunch (naf), perhaps a second veg late afternoon (naf), and a normal meat dish and greens (naf) in the evening. The (naf) has two effects, it greatly reduces palatability and calories. Dry vegetable are quiet good at killing hunger, as long as there is nothing else available.



  1. Dry vegetables mean that your body cannot access the fat soluble vitamins you are eating. No vitamins A, D, E, and K. They pass right through. Might as well eat sawdust.

    Dry vegetables make me hungry. They don't provide me with any degree of satiety. Within an hour I'm searching for more food. This, for me, is the cause of "high appetite".

    If I eat a satisfying meal with a reasonable amount of protein and at least some fat, I'm good for 6,8, 12, sometimes 14 hours. Fat alone can trigger some hunger, protien modulates the appetite. Eat both. Leave the dry vegetables for the mountain goats.

    It is not necessary to eat until you are so full you think you will burst--that is not satiety. Eat normal portions of calorie dense foods. Then see how long it sustains you. That is satiety.

  2. I'm diving ever-deeper into the low-carb lifestyle - but dry veggies?!? Ain't gonna be on my plate...
    I'll post a full report when I cross that bridge to Onederland (any day now, scales have been f**king w/me) - I haven't been below 200 lbs in at least 12 yrs.

  3. I have to question your dry vegetables ..... what vegetables are these and how are you eating them?

    Take the meal I have just eaten ..... chicken cooked with a slice of streaky bacon and some grated cheese, with buttery mashed swede and cabbage. I did have a little amount of chicken stock poured over the meal (or you could have it on the side of the plate).. A great meal and no dry vegetables.

    All the best Jan


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