Monday, January 26, 2015


Does a feeling of anxiety cover the feeling of satiation? Satiation is a soft signal, so does the feeling of anxiety drown out the signal? We also know there is a cortisol ghrelin link which should drive hunger.

So what is the cause? Could there be a belief that is the cause of anxiety? I was raised with unattainable by me expectations placed on me by my parents. The goal post kept changing, always out of range. This created anxiety, which I took over keeping on myself. Trained in anxiety. Abandon the belief that I should strive for anything, and the anxiety should go away.


  1. Fred, could you possibly be low on potassium? Wooo has been tweeting recently about it -- before K-deficiency gets bad enough to affect heart-rhythm, it can have neurological impact, she says.

  2. Anxiety does seem to affect people in different ways and 'the experts' always seem to say set yourself achievable goals, which makes sense if we all feel that way.

    We cannot change our childhood, our up-bringing and we have to work in the here and now, which sometimes presents huge hurdles. Try, we must, I guess is the easy answer - except that it isn't always.

    Maybe as Tess has said - could you be low in potassium?

    Take Care and

    All the best Jan

  3. Thanks. I will try double dosing on potassium for a week and see if that makes any difference.

  4. Yes, I'm getting ready to make health-food-store run to get MY potassium supplement...Although at this stage I blame my anxiety on ongoing conflicts between teenage son & ex-husband (i.e. very little I can influence or control in their interactions, they just have to "work it out" between themselves :-(


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