Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The problem with blogs

Moose seem to like kale stocks. They have come back a half dozen or so times. The picture has nothing to do with the topic, just the back yard.

The problem with blogs is they require a bit of time. They are just great for us opinionated and retired peoples who have issues with written English. It is difficult to follow all those damn rules of grammar,  spelling and correct word usage. For a change, a phonetic blog perhaps should be employed, where everything was as it sounds, not as it should be according to the English majors.

But then, even for the opinionated, we may have days of no opinions. Now what? Nobody cares, nobody listens, we just talk on. One more empty opinion in the mass volume of emptiness and noise that is the internet. There is good information, and bad information, and the sorting is the problem. If we know a bit, we can sort by what we agree with and what we do not, but that is confirmation, not sorting.

Obesity has much more to do with appetite, appetite stimulation by foods, food addiction, food addiction like issues but for some, maladaptive eating behaviors, emotional eating are the major force, while the opposite is true for others. Some of us have both, and something that looks like a ongoing physical drive to eat, a naturally high appetite. Science does not seem to offer any solutions nor even any good studies into this area. So what is next for this blog?

Now here's one for the books: Wiki - how to gain weight is essentially the same as the typical weight loss recommendations. http://www.wikihow.com/Increase-Your-Appetite  

This blog has served as a place to comment on all sorts of food issues, a place to keep notes, opinions, and links. It may likely continue, but to what end? or does it need a purpose beyond a space for what ever is rattling around my brain when I get the urge? I just do not know. Enough.  


  1. A blog is whatever the blog owner wishes it to be .....to write about, to put photo's on - maybe to have a diary type blog.

    I always enjoy reading your blog and your 'Fred - Just Doing Life Blog'

    So thanks and please keep it going. that's if you want to.

    All the best Jan

  2. yep, what she said.... :-) that's what i blog for these days, to express myself -- if people want to read it, fine, and if they don't, they don't have to. best wishes, Fred!W

  3. My blog is DIY therapy - years ago I wasted time & energy worrying about WHY I had so few readers/commenters, but nowadays I just put it out there - I'm w/Tess: read it if you'd like, but I'm not pandering to any mythical audience... It's good to document the progress I've made over the years.


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