Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The realization, this is for life

About 30 years ago, when I had to stop doing physical work due to a back injury, I recognized that this is for the remainder of my life. I had lost a good tool in fighting overeating, that was physical work. Few ever agreed that one could have a real physical caused issue who's main symptom is wanting to much food. "It was all just willpower." Bullshit. The only thing we have control over is our judgement, our ability to agree or disagree with a proposition, and the few things that depend directly and solely on that ability to accept or reject a concept. Actions also depend on our ability to sell a call for action to the body, so we do not have absolute control over our actions.

Now I know that some of you will disagree, but that is your problem. Until you accept that you do not have absolute control over you actions, you are just deluding yourself. The degree of control of your actions that you have is dependent on your belief system, and your body, your desire, and many other factors, but the fact remains that no mind has absolute control over the body. Influences yes, but control, no.

The desire to overeat, in my case is physical. I accept that. If I, the mind, consciousness, allowed myself to respond as the body wished, I would be dead. I would gain weight at about a pound a day until death. That is my reality and has been for the last 60 years. I liken it to mild Pander-Willie; I only need a locked ward some of the time. No doctor has ever given me a diagnosis but I have never jumped through the hoops to find out either. As the GP said, we could spend a lot in trying to figure out the cause, but there is still no treatment. Learn to live with it.

Asshole that say "suck it up" just piss me off. They have no concept of the issue. Most of the people that I have met with this problem are dead, cremated, or burred. Gone on to nothing or a new posting, it does not mater. A few have lost much weight and like me, struggle to keep it off. Some have lost faith in the battle, and given up the struggle. These usually end up in wheel chairs before death or with major surgery on their digestive tracks or both, and still only a few keep their weight down. Death comes to all of us, but it is in the quality of life before death that we must explore solutions to this issue.

Most people know nothing of this problem, not even it's existence. That is your problem. I have chosen to explore the problem, looking for a solution. I have been lead down many blind allies, learning, but finding that there is no solution there. Some allies do help, some do not, so what. In the end I have the peace of death to look forward to. When life exists, death does not. When death exists, life does not. These are not in conflict, there is only a short transition.

I choose to hang out with those few, who like myself, know that we can manage better by altering our beliefs. Why does this work? I am not sure, but it seems that our beliefs have more influence over our body's action that our conscious mind does. That is not what popular media would suggest, but that is their problem. Ignorance is everywhere. We start out totally ignorant, and learn, one fact, one truth at a time. Some thing we learn wrong. Oh well. It is when these things cause us problems that we need to look at them and make changes, corrections. It is up to us to test for correctness. Many common beliefs are wrong. Accept that there is more wrong that right, as we can be wrong many ways and right only one.

Enough. What do I know anyway? 

By the way, I have been exposed to this shit all my life. http://www.drperlmutter.com/study/glyphosate-pathways-modern-diseases-ii-celiac-sprue-gluten-intolerance/

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