Sunday, November 3, 2013


Palatability meaning has changed,
when it is used by the food industry,
or the meaning has become something
that it was or is not in the common understanding
of the word.

Palatability now is a measure of
only one aspect of taste, the ability of a food
to stimulate the desire for more.

Anyone on a weight reduction diet should immediately
see the importance of such a characteristic of food.
Priming from the first bite is zero.
Priming is the creation of desire for more from the first bite.
Eat or not eat is a actual choice,
not a fight against nature, and our desires.

There is a diet advantage of a low and normal
palatability foods, where normal is "do not care"
or "take it or leave it" level of desire for that food.
Hyper and high palatable foods will cause
consumption until hedonic adaptation
says "enough already".

Now this makes the boiled and refrigerated potato
the ideal diet food; bland yes, but neutral palatability,
and quick satiation, good satiety.

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