Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ability to Taste

Our ability to taste may have more
to do with our weight than anything else.

We taste, and decide: more or nomore,
this is food, this is not food,
this is good, this is bad.
Our taste is the sense that is the primary input
into the decision, eat this or not.
So our ability to taste is the primary input
into our weight, along with a LOOKUP
function, is this good or bad.

This may be how tobacco is such an appetite killer,
more than just nicotine. After quitting smoking,
a few weeks, and food starts to taste much better,
and we then eat more.

This may also be why boiled potatoes
are such good diet food. (Chris Voigt)
Taste could be divided into three categories:
real good; neutral, bad. If we always eat in the
neutral zone, we would never be primed to go on eating.

Primed: a food that induces the "more" signal.

Can we create a new LOOKUP function be
inserting an arbitrary rule in our logic?
No sugar, grains, and no fats on vegetables.

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