Wednesday, November 6, 2013


How strong is your desire for food?

Do thin people have less strong desire for food or greater will power?

Do thin people lack the ability to taste food, and hence the ability to be primed and cued?

I think this is the secret of weight control, not will power.


  1. Mind over matter Fred I think.

    And not being introduced to sweet tasting food at a young age may help.

    Not easy these days with sugar and fructose everywhere.

    All the best Jan

  2. Ya Sure. Food addiction is real, and a major problem for some of us. Once we get into the addiction spiral, we do not have a choice. The solution is staying out of the addiction spiral, which is not easy, especially with all those nay sayers that do not accept addiction as real. They simply have never accepted the reality of some of us.

    Anyone who thinks it is simply mind over matter does not know addiction, nor desire strength, nor conditioned hypereating.

  3. i think there's a lot more going on than mere desire. my two older sisters have both been thin-normal all their lives -- one has a big appetite and LOVES food, and the other has always been ambivalent about eating (i've always suspected she doesn't "taste" the way S and i do). ...however, S is a lifelong smoker.


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