Monday, November 18, 2013

A quick summary

This in intended for BMI > 30 only, the obese. Exobese may also benefit. This assumes that we have the willingness to follow.

Robert Lustig provides the physiology of carbohydrate intolerance, the desire to keep eating, or more precisely- the lack of satiation, aka, insulin blocking the leptin signal.

Details can be found here:

David Kessler identifies the foods that cause an issue of raising a desire to eat. Eating processed carbohydrate, sugar, starches, can start a person down the road to Lustig's area of expertise. 


Emotional refeeding, aka, eating for other reasons, trains us to eat, conditioned hypereating. Details.

So what is the solution?
Start with Maffetone's Two week test, and figure how little carbohydrate you can handle and then stay below that amount. 

After that we may need to adjust the amount of protein/fat we are consuming. 

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