Monday, May 20, 2013

Obesity Comorbidity

Does obesity, addiction, and personality issues occur more often together than in the remainder of the population?

There is research that suggests that addiction, at least those seeking help at overcoming addiction, have a high frequency of personality issues (compulsive/obsessive, low impulse control, social isolation, short term objectives, poor decision making, etc). There is no clear, consistent definition for personality issues, but it seems that there is a conscience that there is commonly an personality issue, of some kind, with people with addiction. In a way, that might even be expected. Our society is brutal toward people with any personality issue, non-conforming, individualist tendency. It is to be expected therefore, that those individuals would be more likely to seek relief with substances and behaviours that allow some temporary ego boost or relief from the abuse.

As we all function on many levels, thought, beliefs level, feeling, emotional, urge level, and behavioural level. It is only the behaviour level that has a direct impact on others (speaking, communicating is a behaviour), it would be behaviour that everyone seeks to change, without understanding what gives rise to the behaviours. It is these lifestyle changes that must fostered and occur for recovery.

Motivation, coping with urges, management of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, must come before a satisfying life, but without a satisfying and tranquil life, how can anyone hope to achieve these?

Keep up the abuse folks, and you can be assured of a sick society for a long time to come, along with the accompanying employment. Food addiction is real. 

Added later:

"The take home message is very simple. If you have severe metabolic problems the answer is not simply carbohydrate restriction. It also involves protein limitation, to adequate but not gluconeogenic levels. Low carb, adequate protein, high fat. With the emphasis on the fat."

Ah yes, it is not just carb creep (Atkins) but also protein creep.

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