Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anti Research

There is no point in beating dead horses, or idiots. They do not do wrong intentionally, only out of ignorance. They need practical education, not ridicule. It is human nature to do right, according to one of those old Philosophical Greeks or Romans Stoics.  But there are also those that do wrong knowingly for the money, more money, the prostitutes. Once we see the solution, how simple it really is, what can we say, Duh. 

The government, the medical industries, food industry, and the like are just irrelevant in my recovery. They no longer produce real food, and are in the business of research. Real information, and a solution to the problem puts them out of business. Therein lies the problem.

The answer is dealing with food compulsion, temptation impulse and addiction for the subset that has those problems, eating about 3 moderate meals each day containing no processed foods, sugars, acellular carbohydrates, appetite stimulus, or other nasty chemicals. The size of meals must be reduced in size to do the energy balance thing.

This does not include any organization  just the philosophy, attitude, and willingness to follow the prescription. There is the hard part, selling it to ourselves.

Note: never saddling dead horses, is the way to remember the correct way to put on a cable clamp; the saddle goes on the live line. 

Added later:

The governments and organisations are a group of inadequately trained idiots trying to do a impossible job, to provide a one size fits all recommendation, when the "need" is normally distributed.

No recommendation is therefore logical... without a statement of the water throughput and of carbohydrate of the individual. Someone drinking a gallon of water a day due to perspiration, and an office worker need different recommendations.  High carbohydrate diets also modify the kidney sodium re-uptake. Any meaningful salt recommendation must look at total chloride intake as well.  

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  1. It is in our nature to question, find out, experiment, make new things etc. Some have worked out well, modern life evolves and we move on with it too, although I do sometimes wonder do some of our so called modern ways really help us?

    Yes, there are some, and some would say many, that ......."do wrong knowingly for the money," Many of the big pharma and food companies do, and you only have to look around the various blogs and forums to discover more. Those who have read and have stronger views avoid what they now know to be, not so good, for our health.
    It is not easy providing for the masses, we are all individuals and as such should be enabled to make our own choice.

    Just my thoughts Jan


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