Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blood Glucose, the balancing act

We have two ways to balance blood glucose. From the high side, insulin, produces by the pancreas, lowers blood glucose. From the low side, the liver, through glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis raises blood sugar. As an engineer, it is obvious to me that if the pancreas is worn out, the obvious choice is to manage from the low side, via not eating carbohydrates. QED.


  1. A diabetic has a choice, more medication or less carbs. It has always seemed madness to me to cover junk food such as a donut with expensive medication. Far too many type two diabetes drugs come with some very serious side effects. A low carb high fat diet is the answer for not only most diabetics, but non diabetics alike. I believe the control of insulin is a major factor in BG and weight control.

    Regards Eddie

  2. And you can never be too low in carbohydrates, but for many of us, we like a few. We should wean off below about 50/day. A zero carb day is ok, but two in a row is tough. It take time for the liver to adapt to produce carbohydrates.

    Also weight loss also requires less bio-available energy than we use. But the Atwater factors need to be personalized, and our energy need is a function of body temperature also.

    Also carb creep, and protein creep are big habit/ routeen issues.

  3. I agree Fred. Even though we basically do the same things we need to tweek our regimen so that it works for us at whatever stage or condition we are dealing with. I don't have diabetes and I can eat 50 carbs a day (not from donuts) and lose weight at the present time. Once I'm closer to goal I may have to up my exercise and lower my carbs but it's an individual learning journey.

  4. The biggest issue I have with weight loss is long term maintenance of motivation, dealing with cravings and urges, avoiding carb creep, protein creep, (hunger issues, keeping the fat portion up), emotional issues of life stress (relationships, money, health, time), anxiety, boredom, indecision, tired, and travel.


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