Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yoni got me thinking

Yoni got me thinking about the way I was raised, the way the nieces  raise their children and the way I see kids generally being raised. The interesting is the default condition, minimal involvement, as long as the marks are good, the child is well behaved, not in trouble, responsible about informing the parents of there whereabouts and minimally demanding.

There was no money for junk food. It was the parents that bought it, had it in the house "for the kids", but we never got any. I now understand what shrinkage is really about, the junk food addiction. Reward driven, or energy partitioning, or pure addiction, it does not matter.

Those of us who grew up obese had access to lots of food, much of it good food, but we had addiction to wheat, sugar, or fruit to deal with as well. Addiction is dose dependent and availability dependent in the development stage. If it is not available, we do not become addicted. Real addiction or addiction like, I do not know.

Now there are great numbers that are dealing with this problem, and the none addicted do not accept the issues of overcoming addiction to food. There is no good solution. 12 steps help those who with believe base personalities. The rest of us... well rational recovery... is a crock, chemistry explains it... but recovery is elusive... but many do get it... if they try long enough... and do not die first.

There are always pushers at every door... from grand mothers, mother, and the corner stores. Drug pushers all. But they do not see themselves as the problem. But they are. It is no wonder that many of us like to hang with those who understand, even if we are not "belief driven personalities".

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  1. I've totally noticed this during my recovery. Those pushing sugary snacks see absolutely no problem with it. Those addicted to sugar indulge and stay in the circle of addiction.

    Those who are in recovery, as I see myself, watch. When I do speak up , mostly about not passing around cupcakes or the like or keeping an area clean as in not having sugary or salty snacks around I'm met with total amazement. " well you don't have to eat what I have out, that's your choice!". True, but so hard to watch the circle of addiction with those still in it.

    And why are the thin people feeding the food addiction people their "drug"? Totally dysfunction junction. Glad to be across the street watching, on recovery row. Because I used to be at the corner of dysfunction junction. Maybe that's why I dislike it so much.

    If someone told me they were quitting smoking I would not leave rolling papers and tobacco around. If someone told me they were a recoverd alcohohoic I would not cook a dish with wine. If a friend is in the middle of Ramadan and fasting I would not eat something in front of them.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Glad someone else gets it.


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